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Located five minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast, our Studio has been part of this community since 2001.

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Our Story

Annette Watson, a Sunshine Coast Local, joined Pilates on Centre way back in 2004 as a newly graduated fitness student. Over time she  proudly took on the role of manager.

When the opportunity arose to take over this family run business it made perfect sense to continue it’s legacy.

Living locally with her husband and two children, Annette leads a healthy and active lifestyle. She and her team thrive on giving amazing personalised service and attention to detail that only a studio with this breadth of experience can bring.

Pilates on Centre is not only a place to exercise, it is a welcoming community that fosters relationships.

“I feel so blessed to bring you this amazing method of exercise and embody its traditions into every session”

Each session is never the same

Keeping our class sizes to a maximum of three people per session, allows us the room to reach individual goals and create a full mind/body workout.

The Instructors

All our Instructors are fully qualified with a minimum of 10 years of teaching experience.

Our passion for the Pilates industry inspires us to stay up to date with all the latest research, allowing us to share this knowledge within our studio community.

Annette Watson

Owner / Director / Instructor

Annette, the owner, started her journey to Pilates by completing a Diploma in Fitness and completed her first Pilates certification in 2004.

Since then she has completed an additional two Pilates certifications and numerous workshops, conferences and continuing education.


Certified Pilates Practitioner
Sam’s pilates practice began with the matwork, about 5 years ago.

Previously a personal trainer, he completed a diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology 2 years ago and has been working solely as a Pilates teacher ever since.

“I was fortunate to train and learn under some of the best teachers in the country”


Certified Pilates Practitioner

Anita is 52 with two teenage boys and has been teaching for eight years. She says she is still a student, learning all the time! She loves working with clients, working towards their goals, helping them understand their bodies and functional movement. Pilates is a rewarding and positive experience for clients and herself

The Equipment

We have all Pilates equipment ranging from small apparatus to bigger machines, allowing us to give you the full Pilates experience. 


A system of springs, ropes and pulleys. Many exercises can be undertaken lying down, sitting and standing. Different resistance is achieved by using different springs. Straps can be used, and a foot bar can be used to push.

Cadillac / Tower​

Also known as the Trapeze, the tower is a stationary bed to create stability. It also has leg and arm straps, a push-through bar and adjustable springs.

Wunda Chair

Is a backless chair with different springs for different levels of resistance. Although not as well known as the Reformer, it is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used kneeling, seated, standing and from behind or in front of the machine.

Student Reviews

“Building relationships and rapport with clients and offering the best sessions for their body is key.”

- Annette Watson - owner