Why Pilates?

Suitable for rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness, Pilates is an exercise that works both the mind and body. It is a safe program at any age and for people with injuries.

Pilates lengthens muscles through controlled and measured exercises leading to better balance, posture and core strength.


no session is the same

With a maximum of three students per class, the instructors deliver a class based on your daily needs.

Each student will have a program that matches their requirements for that day. Using different specialised equipment, small apparatus such as pilates balls and the mat to achieve a safe and customised workout.


benefits of pilates

principles of Pilates


Connecting and awareness of your centre. Bring focus to your centre for more control.


Focus closely on each movement. Awareness of the body and mind.


Deliberate and conscious movement at all times. Maintaining control of all muscles.


Learning to perform movements with the right amount of effort and control to achieve the right result


Learning to breathe right. Deep slow full breathes vs shallow breathing.


Even flow of all movements. Ensuring the movement is conducted fluidly and with grace.

Adaptive to different needs

Pilates is suitable for all ages and all programs are tailored to each client’s specific situation. 

Talk to our instructors about your individual requirements

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”

- Joseph Pilates

What our students say